Protect Women's Health

Protect Women’s Health

This week, Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans are launching one of the most egregious attacks on women’s health we’ve seen, and we must all stand up to stop them:

  • They want to stop women from using their own private money to buy insurance covering a full range of reproductive health care.
  • They want to block access to mammograms and other preventative health care services.
  • They want to raise taxes on families and businesses that try to keep or buy insurance that covers a full range of reproductive health care.
  • Before the public outcry, they even proposed changing the definitions of rape and incest to actually take away health care services from survivors of these heinous crimes.

This morning, we held a press conference with other Senators to make it clear that we will stop these attacks on women’s health. Now, we need you to stand with us. Will you?

Show Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans that you stand for women’s health — by signing our petition right now.

When we talk to people back home in California and New York, they always ask us about the most important challenge facing America–creating jobs.

But Speaker Boehner and the Republicans don’t have a plan for creating jobs, so instead they’re trying to cozy up to extremists by taking away health care from women all across America.

The good news is, people all over the country are standing up and speaking out against these attacks. Thousands of men and women have joined us already – and we need you, too.

To stop these extreme attacks on women’s health, we need even more people like you to join with us. Click here to add your voice today!

Right now, while the House is conducting hearings, is a crucial time to build support and stop these attacks.

We need to make sure our opponents know – and see — that there are thousands of people standing together to oppose these attacks on women’s reproductive health.

We have to act fast, and we have to be strong. When people come looking for opposition to this threat, they need to find all of us, standing together.

Act fast, and act strong. Join our fight. It’s up to us — it’s up to you.