Questions for the Candidates

President Obama Answers our Questions

Earlier last month, the Every Child Matters Education Fund participated with several other leading anti child poverty advocates to question both President Obama and Governor Romney about what they would do for the millions of children living in poverty.

See the President’s response here.

Governor Romney has not yet responded.

Ask the Candidates Where They Stand on America’s Kids

Make sure to ask the candidates where they stand when it comes to the well-being of our nation’s children. Too often the well-documented needs of children are crowded out of political debate and the budget process because of stronger competing interests. Be a voice for children. Ask candidates the tough questions. Here are some for starters.

  • Children with Medicaid are far more likely than those with private insurance to be turned away by medical specialists or be made to wait more than a month for an appointment, even for serious medical problems. How would you improve the program to address these issues without causing children currently receiving coverage through Medicaid to be dropped from the program?
  • What changes would you make to the Affordable Care Act and State Children’s Health Insurance Program to guarantee that the 8 million children currently uninsured will receive coverage when the law is slated to be fully implemented in 2014?
  • What level of overall federal spending, as a share of gross domestic product, do you support which would guarantee quality education, health care, and safety to every American child?
  • Overall family income has dropped for middle and low income families since 2000. What policies do you support that would increase the income of these families?
  • Nearly 3 million children nationwide are reported abused and neglected each year. What are your plans to keep all children safe from violence in their homes, schools and communities?
  • What steps would your administration take to help guarantee that every child who enters kindergarten is prepared to start learning from day one?
  • Recent presidential administrations have passed major legislation to improve the educational performance of children. What changes would you make to the No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top programs to improve educational achievement?
  • Tuition at both public and private universities has increased substantially in recent years. The largest Pell Grant award covers only 72% of tuition costs for in-state residents at the University of Iowa and 36% at the University of New Hampshire. That share has declined over the last decade. What will you do to make college affordable to more lower and middle class families?
  • 5. 2 million children have a parent in prison. How would you address the special needs of these children?

And when you ask the questions, use your phone or camera to capture both the questions and the answers. And most importantly, send the video back to us so that we can place it on the web site and send it to our constituents. Thanks in advance for helping to educate us all on the candidates’ stand on issues affecting kids.

How to Make Your Vote Count

This guide  presents information you can use to learn about the candidates’ positions.  Use it at candidate forums and in letters, emails, and telephone calls to the candidates.