Reject Cuts

Reject cuts to our children’s future!

Support kids’ programs

The budget debate happening now in Washington will decide the health, education and safety of millions of America’s children. While President Obama has put forward a budget that addresses the debt while still investing in children, many in Congress are proposing drastic, dangerous cuts to family programs.

Among the proposed cuts is a id=”mce_marker” billion slash to Head Start, which could take away quality care from more than 218,000 children. And that is just one important program that would suffer in the more than $60 billion in proposed cuts.

Although government budgets are important, family budgets are still our prime concern. With one in five children living in poverty, now is not the time to cut away vital services. Just as families put the children first when their budgets are tight, so should the federal government.

You can help!

Sign the Voices of America’s Children’s letter to tell your members of Congress you care about families still struggling from the recession. Help us support important child services.