Renee’s Round Up: Spotlight on Poverty

With the budget debate heating up and new poverty data released last week, we were excited to see real conversations in the media about solutions for children and families living in poverty. Every Child Matters’ policy associate, Renee Coe, rounded up the stories you may have missed.

The U.S. Census Bureau released new poverty data for 2014, which showed the poverty rate remaining nearly constant despite strong economic growth and job creation. Our partners at the Coalition for Human Needs have put together a great collection of resources for understanding the new poverty data. Here at Every Child Matters, we summed up the top three things the new data tell us about kids in poverty.

In another concerning trend for children in poverty, The Washington Post reported that the number of homeless children in public schools has doubled since before the recession. The story explores the causes of youth homelessness and the growing challenges facing teachers and schools.

The Des Moines Register printed an editorial explaining why it’s bad policy to require SNAP recipients to pass a drug test. Every Child Matters is on the ground in Iowa working to elevate the conversation about good policies for kids and families. Read more about the work they’re doing on the Every Child Matters in Iowa Facebook page.

With the budget debate underway and a government shutdown looming, the Center for American Progress released a report highlighting the devastating impact that continued austerity would have on low-income and middle class Americans, and outlining a better budget deal.

In a feature for the New York Times Sunday Review, Anne-Marie Slaughter chronicled the workplace policies and cultures that are increasingly unfriendly to women and families, and the “infrastructures of care”—paid family and medical leave, affordable childcare, and access to early learning—that we need to make workplaces work for everyone.

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