Renee’s Round-up: What Moms Need Today

This week, many of us are scrambling to order flowers and plan a special Sunday for the mothers and grandmothers in our lives. And while a bouquet will certainly make her face light up, Mom deserves more.

Thousands of Twitter users participated in the #WhatMomsNeed Twitter storm on Thursday to highlight the things that moms really need: fair wages, paid family leave, and affordable child care.

Many parents—and even members of Congress—joined the Twitter storm to say that what moms need is paid family and medical leave. As the conversation unfolded on Twitter, Slate published a heartbreaking investigative piece about the life-and-death consequences of parental leave policies.

The National Women’s Law Center shared their recently-released report on the tremendous challenges low-wage workers face to provide for their families. Low-wage working mothers with very young children are the most vulnerable: one in three lives in poverty. Read the full report, entitled “Set Up To Fail: When Low-Wage Work Jeopardizes Parents’ and Children’s Success,” at this link.

Generation Progress put the spotlight on Millennial Moms, many of whom are students and parents. In most states, they are paying as much for child care as their college tuition. This infographic shows why millennial parents need affordable, on-campus child care options.

Glamour also picked up on the trend. The style and culture magazine featured the stories of several low-income women struggling to pay for child-care and living under constant financial stress. The article is aptly titled “Why Child Care Should Be a Right, Not a Perk.”

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