State Budget Cuts To Harm Children and Families

A new report released by The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reveals that states across the country are dealing with significant budget problems and Governors, in response, are proposing deep cuts in public programs, many of which affect children.

For example: In Texas, it is “estimated that the initial budget’s proposed cuts in state support for public education could force school districts to lay off as many as 100,000 teachers and other education workers.18 Other cuts in the plan would eliminate almost 10,000 state jobs, such as prison guards and child protective service investigators.”

The report discusses how the spending cuts will negative impact a number of state programs, including education and Medicaid, and as a result the economies of these states will likely be weakened. CBPP argues that cutting state social services not only harms the most vulnerable residents, but also slows economic recovery, and cites the number of state and local jobs eliminated-426,000 since August 2008-to demonstrate The report suggests alternative options for cash strapped states such as revenue increases in order to balance the budgets.

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