Downtown Minneapolis skyline in the Morning with a bridge midway and the Mississippi River in the foreground.


All Minnesota’s kids should have a shot at the American Dream!

In partnership with Minnesota Voice, Every Child Matters in Minnesota (EMC in MN) is working to make the American Dream a reality for all children. To do that we have to close the opportunity gap that keeps less affluent kids from having an equal chance for success.

Minnesota kids face serious challenges. One in seven lives in poverty. 49,000 have no health insurance. 4,143 were confirmed victims of abuse and neglect in 2014. And Minnesota is the least affordable states for center-based infant care and fifth for four-year-old care. With 74% of Minnesota children under the age of 6 having both (or all available) parents in the workforce, that’s a large financial burden on a lot of families.

ECM advocates for kids and working families during elections to get candidates and the public to better understand and seek solutions to problems like the shortage of good, affordable early learning programs and the lack of supports to help parents give their kids a strong start in life.

This election year is a perfect time to call attention to kids’ issues during campaigns. Many candidates will be out and about in the months to come—presidential, congressional, and state. They all have the potential to make a difference in our lives and those of our kids. Let’s work together in urging them to put kids on their platforms and ensure that every child matters!


Vanessa Young, Organizer, ECM in Minnesota or 651-210-3454.