New Hampshire

Children in New Hampshire face serious challenges – 34,000 live in poverty,  12,000 have no health insurance, 941 were confirmed victims of child abuse and neglect in 2014, and many do not have access to early care and education, quality child care, or after-school programs.

Every Child Matters in NH is working with other child advocacy organizations, child serving sites, health providers, senior groups, colleges, parents, grandparents and others, to help ensure that every child has what he or she needs to grow up healthy, safe and well educated.

Every Child Matters in NH is working to ensure that children are a state and national priority. We can’t do it alone. We need you. Our kids need you. Together we can make sure that in New Hampshire, every child matters.

From community conversations to community parades, Every Child Matters in NH covers the state, raising awareness of the issues facing children and youth. From the State House to the White House, we work to ensure that children are a priority.

Please help us ensure that every child has what they need to start school ready to learn, feels safe and nurtured in their home, never goes to bed hungry, and has access to health care. Click Get Involved to become a NH Volunteer.

Spotlight: Leadership and Advocacy at UNH

We work with students in the Leadership and Advocacy Masters program at UNH to develop their advocacy projects during the spring semester. Below is a brochure compiled by two of these students on the value and importance of Full-Day Kindergarten for New Hampshire’s kids.

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