Strong Kids, Strong Maine

About Strong Kids, Strong Maine

The Strong Kids, Strong Maine campaign has been created by the Every Child Matters Education Fund (a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization) as a non-partisan public education effort to focus attention on the needs of children and families in Maine during the 2014 election season. We urge candidates to support, and the public to demand, greater investments in programs that address the needs of America’s families.

Working with partners–the Maine Children’s Alliance, Maine Equal Justice Partners, Maine People’s Resource Center, and Maine Women’s Policy Center–the Strong Kids, Strong Maine non-partisan campaign will educate candidates, office holders, the media, and the public about issues such as child poverty, early education and care, health, and safety by distributing information, coordinating events, holding forums, and training groups in civic engagement.

Helping children survive and thrive so that they have the opportunity to grow up to be contributing citizens must be a top priority for our government. Failing our children today is not just morally wrong; it is counterproductive – ultimately leaving us less competitive in the global economy.

New report:

Please view the new report, “Maine People Agree: Opportunity is the Bridge to a Better Future”. The report, compiled for Maine Equal Justice Partners and Every Child Matters, asked Mainers what they thought about poverty in their state. The results may surprise you.

View the report here.

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