Tonight's Republican Debate: Last Chance Before the Caucus

The final Republican Presidential debate before the Iowa caucus showdown has already taken a surprising twist. Donald Trump, the party’s front -runner and Iowa’s favorite according to recent polls, announced that he would not participate. And though his supporters will miss his candid statements, the other presidential hopefuls are ready to steal some of his spotlight. Senators Ted Cruz (TX), Marco Rubio (FL), and Rand Paul (KY), Governors John Kasich (OH) and Chris Christie (NJ), former Governor Jeb Bush (FL), and neurosurgeon Ben Carson will take center stage and listeners may expect to hear questions about the same issues—ISIS, guns, and repealing the Affordable Care Act—that dominated the previous GOP debates. At Every Child Matters, however, we hope the moderators will change course and focus on the issues we have been waiting to hear since the first Fox News debate last August.

As always, we want to hear from the candidates about policies that will benefit American’s children and families. And we’re not alone. A recent ECM poll found that 75 percent of Iowa voters believe the candidates have not done a good job of addressing the need to provide better opportunities for children. Every day, one out of five American kids is born into poverty. The debate is an opportunity for the candidates to address how they will build a better future for our kids; we don’t want them to waste it with name-calling and personal attacks.

Specifically, Every Child Matters wants to hear the candidates’ opinions on working-family policies like paid family leave, the minimum wage, and affordable childcare. These are some of the urgent issues that need to be addressed if we are going to close the opportunity gap that is keeping so many kids from reaching their potential.

Fox News anchors Bret Baier (@BretBaier), Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly), and Chris Wallace (@foxnewssunday) will moderate the debate. Please tweet them with the questions you want answered. Let’s urge them to make this the debate we have been waiting for.