Why Donate?

The Mission

Every Child Matters exists to make smart investments in children and youth a national political priority.

Millions of our nation’s children live in poverty and lack access to basic services, such as health care, early care and learning, after-school programs, and abuse and neglect prevention.  This economy has made it worse.

We believe it doesn’t have to be this way in the world’s richest democracy.

Taking Action

Every Child Matters is working on multiple fronts:

  1. Battle of the Budget — ECM’s budget work on Capitol Hill and in the states is aimed at ensuring the needs of children are brought to the attention of the public, lawmakers and the administration.
  2. Electoral Advocacy and Mobilization — ECM’s full-time and non-partisan operations in the key presidential campaign kick-off states of Iowa and New Hampshire are intended to spotlight kids’ issues and to mobilize the public in their behalf.  As we move into 2012, ECM will expand its educational efforts to important congressional races.
  3. Stopping Child Abuse Fatalities — ECM has formed, and staffs, a national coalition to help bring an end to the deaths of children at the hands of family members and caretakers—some 2500 children a year and mostly very young.
  4. Step Up for Kids Day — ECM coordinates a nationwide effort every fall to hold rallies at state capitols in support of investments in children.  This year, it is on Saturday, October 15.
  5. International Photo Contest — ECM’s contest is meant to help spotlight the needs of children. We are currently planning a national exhibition tour for the 30 finalist photos during the 2012 election cycle.