Write a letter to an elected



Step Up for Kids! Writing a personalized letter to let your elected official know your concerns on children’s issues that affect your community can have a major impact. Use these helpful tips to help construct your letter.

Prior to Writing the Letter

  • Know who your elected officials are. Visit Congress.org, Senate.gov, and House.gov to find our who your representatives are.
  • Research the officials. The CDF Action Council® Nonpartisan Congressional Scorecard is a great way to view elected officials voting record on children’s issues. See where your elected officials stand on these important issues. Visit Cdfactioncouncil.org.

Writing the Letter

  • Keep it short. A short direct letter is powerful. Your letter should be no more than one page long.
  • Identity yourself. State who you are, and the city/zip code that you live in. Identify yourself as a constituent.
  • State the issue. State your reason for writing and include the name and number of the relevant bill. Keep each letter to one issue. If you need to look up a bill number check www.thomas.gov.
  • Main points. Pick your three strongest talking points. Use examples, statistics, and facts to support your position.
  • Express your emotions. Expressing your emotion in your letter will help you to personalize it. This will help make your letter a solid one and shows how sincere you are of that specific issue.
  • Ask for a response. Provide your contact information on both your letter and your envelope to receive a reply and to confirm you are a constituent. Be sure to ask him/or her to reply on the issue.
  • Sign your letter.

After Writing the Letter

  • Follow Up. Follow up with your elected officials with either a phone call, a meeting, or another letter at the appropriate time. If you elected official has resolved the issue of your concern be sure to follow up with another letter thanking them for addressing the issue.
  • Address the Letter Properly. To write an effective letter to the House of Representatives or to the Senate, address the letter to:

The Honorable _____________                   The Honorable _____________

U.S. House of Representatives                     U.S. Senate

Washington, DC 20515                                  Washington, DC 20510