You watching tonight's debate? We are too

Every Child Matters will be tuned in to the debate tonight, and we want the candidates to address the issues that matter most to kids and families.

Specifically, we will be paying attention to how each candidate plans to:

  • Close the “opportunity gap” and create more opportunity to succeed for children living in poverty and children of color
  • Promote family-friendly workplace policies, so parents can earn a living and care for their families
  • Give every child a strong start with high-quality pre-school, and expand opportunity by making college more affordable
  • Make sure every child is insured and has access to high-quality medical care
  • Make sure every child is safe from violence in his or her home and community.

We look forward to hearing each candidate address these issues and offer policy solutions to make America better for kids. We’ll be tweeting about #EveryChild to highlight the conversation about kids – we hope you’ll join in.

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