Get Involved in Your State: The Partnership for America’s Children

The Partnership for America’s Children is a network of 55 state- and community-based multi-issue, non-partisan child policy advocacy organizations in 44 states and DC. Each member contributes expertise and passion to the network in order to fulfill the Partnership’s vision and purpose.

VOICES for Alabama’s Children (AL)
@AlaVoicesFBMelanie Bridgeforth, Executive Director

Children’s Action Alliance (AZ)
FB / Dana Wolfe Naimark, President and CEO

Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families (AR)
@AACF / FB / Rich Huddleston, Executive Director

Children Now (CA)
@ChildrenNow / FB / Ted Lempert, President

Children’s Advocacy Institute (CA)
@CAIChildLaw / FB / Robert Fellmeth, Executive Director

The Children’s Partnership (CA)
@KidsPartnership / FB / Mayra Alvarez, President

Colorado Children’s Campaign (CO)
@ColoradoKidsOrg  / FB / Chris Watney, President and CEO

Connecticut Association for Human Services (CT)
@CAHS_org / FB / Jim Horan, Executive Director

Connecticut Voices for Children (CT)
@CTVoices / FB / Ellen Shemitz, Executive Director

KIDS COUNT in Delaware (DE)
@dekidscount / FB / Janice Barlow, Director

DC Action for Children (DC)
@ActforDChildren / FB / HyeSook Chung, Executive Director

The Children’s Campaign (FL)
@IAmForKids / FB  / Roy Miller, President and Founder, and Linda Alexionok, Executive Director

Voices for Georgia’s Children (GA)
@GeorgiaVoices / FBEmily Pelton, Executive Director

Good Beginnings Alliance (HI)
@GoodBeginnings / FB / Deborah Zysman, Executive Director

Idaho Voices for Children (ID)
@IdahoVoices / FBLauren Necochea, Director

Voices for Illinois Children (IL)
@Voices4ILKids / FB / Tasha R. Green Cruzat, President

Marion County Commission on Youth (IN)
@MCCOYouth / FB / John Brandon, President

Child and Family Policy Center (IA)
@childfampolicy / FB / Michelle Stover Wright, Interim Director

Kansas Action for Children (KS)
@KansasAction / FB / Shannon Cotsoradis, President and CEO

Kentucky Youth Advocates (KY)
@KYYouth / FB / Terry Brooks, Executive Director

Agenda for Children (LA)
@Agenda4Children / FB / Anthony Recasner, CEO

Maine Children’s Alliance (ME)
@MEChildren / FB / Claire Berkowitz, Executive Director

Advocates for Children and Youth (MD)
@MarylandACY / FB / Becky Wagner, Executive Director

Michigan’s Children (MI)
@MichChildren / FB / Matt Gillard, President and CEO

Priority Children (MI)
@KidsPriority / FB / Cindy Gansen, Executive Director

Public Policy Center of Mississippi (MS)
Warren Yoder, Executive Director

Voices for Children in Nebraska (NE)
@voicesNE / FB / Aubrey Mancuso, Executive Director

Children’s Advocacy Alliance (NV)
@CAANevada / FB / Denise Tanata Ashby, Executive Director

New Hampshire Kids Count (NH)
@nhkidscount / FBAmy Ireland Bourgault , Director

Advocates for Children of New Jersey (NJ)
@ACNJforKids / FB / Cecilia Zalkind, Executive Director

New Mexico Voices for Children (NM)
@NMVoices / FB / Veronica Garcia, Executive Director

The Children’s Agenda (NY)
FB / Larry Marx, Executive Director

Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York (NY)
@CCCNewYork / FB / Jennifer March, Executive Director

Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy (NY)
@SchuylerCenter / FB / Kate Breslin, President and CEO

Westchester Children’s Association (NY)
@wca4kids / FB / Cora Greenberg, Executive Director

NC Child (NC)
@nckidscount / FB / Michelle Hughes, Executive Director

Voices for Ohio’s Children (OH)
@VoiceOhioKids / FBBrandi Slaughter, Interim Chief Executive Officer

Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy (OK)
@OklaChildAdv / FB / Terry Smith, President and CEO

Children First for Oregon (OR)
@ChildrenFirstOR / FB / Tonia Hunt, Executive Director

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children (PA)
@PAP4Children / FB / Joan Benso, President and CEO

Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PA)
@pccyteam / FB / Donna Cooper, Executive Director

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT (RI)
@RIKidsCount / FB / Elizabeth Burke Bryant, Executive Director

Children’s Trust of South Carolina (SC)
@ChildrensTrustS / FB / Sue Williams, Chief Executive Officer

The Black Children’s Institute of Tennessee (TN)
FB / Jaunita Veasy, Executive Director

Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth (TN)
@tccy / FB / Linda O’Neal, Executive Director

@childrenatrisk / FB / Bob Sanborn, President and CEO

Texans Care for Children (TX)
@putkids1st / FB / Stephanie Rubin, Chief Executive Officer

Voices for Children of San Antonio (TX)
@VoicesSA / FB / Kathleen Fletcher, President/CEO

Voices for Utah Children (UT)
@utchildren / FBLincoln Nehring,  President and CEO

Voices for Vermont’s Children (VT)
@voices4vtkids / FB / Carlen Finn, Executive Director

Voices for Virginia’s Children (VA)
@vakids / FB / Margaret Nimmo Crowe, Executive Director

Children’s Alliance (WA)
@ChildrnAlliance / FB / Paola Maranan, Executive Director

West Virginia KIDS COUNT (WV)
@wvkidscount / FBLaura Gandee, Interim Executive Director

Wisconsin Council on Children and Families (WI)
@wiskids / FB / Ken Taylor, Executive Director