We believe all kids should have access to high quality schools regardless of their neighborhood or parents’ income. Guaranteeing access to high-quality early childhood education and affordable higher education will help level the playing field and inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Early Learning

Every child should have a great start. That means access to quality preschool education so they can enter school with the social and cognitive skills that will help them succeed.

The achievement gap between low-income and affluent students starts before they enter kindergarten. The same is true for minority students and English language learners. Fortunately, evidence shows that high-quality, full-day preschool programs help to close the achievement gap and prepare children for success in school and throughout their lives.

College Affordability

Every hardworking student should have a chance to attend college and get a degree.

In today’s economy, a college degree is the key to a good job and a steady income. But too often, college is just a dream for high-achieving students who can’t afford skyrocketing tuition. By expanding federal student aid, boosting state investment in public universities, and guaranteeing free community college, we can educate and inspire a generation of innovators, problem-solvers and national leaders.